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Re-branding With New Name and Website

When we started Heller Foods many years ago, we could not have predicted what an incredible Journey it would be. From the first time we saw one of our partners products on the shelf in supermarket in China, to being in the offices of Alibaba its been quite an amazing ride thus far. Each one of these moments, along with the interactions we have with you are partners has inspired us to dream bigger and do more for you. So here we are today mainly because of you, proudly introducing our new name XpandAsia and a re-imagining of our company and services we provide.

Whats new:

XpandAsia is a culmination of a lot of aspirations but mainly its rooted in our desire to provide you our partners with more.

With XpandAsia our mission is to make Asian markets accessible for small to midsize brands, by offering solutions and strategies that will inspire, nurture, and cultivate their success. We understand the brands and products you; our partners create represent the manifestations of your dreams, passions, and resiliency. Our responsibility is to translate these attributes with the aim of bringing together our partners, customers, and communities we serve.

To accomplish this mission, we are building the following:

Our Flagship service: CO-XPAND™ 020 INCUBATOR

The CO-XPAND™ 020 incubator redefines market entry by offering a cooperative market expansion solution that enables brands to take on Asian market expansion without exorbitant fees. With the Co-Xpand™ 020 incubator

Brands will be listed on a category specific Tmall store owned at operated by the experts at XpandAsia. From design to optimization to order fulfillment we will handle it all. Brands will have exposure to the largest consumer base in the world. Once a brand has achieved specific benchmarks, they will be guided to eventually open your own flagship store online as well as have full sales support from our team to gain offline distribution deals and wholesale orders from top retailers.

New Markets

As most of you know our headquarters and primary markets have been in mainland China. As we continue our growth in China , we will be opening offices in other Asian Markets such as Korea, Japan, Singapore and India meaning more opportunities for your brands.

We are incredibly proud of what we have built so far, and we are looking forward to the path ahead. Head over to for more details. As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!


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Stay up to date with all things China from our XpandAsia Blog

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