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Channel Operations

Channel Operations


growing brands
entering new markets

XpandAsia has established a seamless online-to-offline strategy for nurturing and growing brands entering new markets. This approach enables brands to leverage all key channels strategically, assuring visibility and sustainability.

Integrating online and offline channel expansion seamlessly is critical to satisfying the sophisticated consumer market’s demands in China. By establishing a seamless omnichannel journey for the consumer, your company may quickly reach millions of potential customers.

With XpandAsia’s broad network of key decision makers across major platforms and channels, we will establish the reputation necessary for your brand to thrive. Our broad reach enables us to ensure that your sales targets are reached and exceeded.


we extrapolate
critical data insights

From each point along the supply chain in order to maximize sales outcomes for all important stakeholders.

Additionally, XpandAsia serves as your China operational arm, overseeing day-to-day operations. Our objective is to make doing business simple for you by eliminating the burden and expense associated with establishing your own office and operations.

Business-to-business (B2B) development

by XpandAsia provides a proven end-to-end solution for your brand. We will earn your brand the representation it needs through our large network of key decision makers across major platforms and channels.

For newer companies, we gather critical insights and standards that the brand must meet in order to expand its distribution through various channels.


Our Services

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Online platforms include:


Pinduoduo (PDD)

Offline retail management includes:


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