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customs clearance

facilitate the complete customs clearance

XpandAsia can facilitate the complete customs clearance process at any major port in China as a licensed importer. We will ensure that your products, from wine to cosmetics, reach China without incident.

Customs clearance can be a lengthy procedure in China, and it is critical to plan ahead to avoid the products being destroyed or returned.

The professional team at XpandAsia is familiar with the certifications, licenses, and standards required to create all documentation for a seamless customs clearance.

fast moving consumer goods

XpandAsia has developed into a significant player in the Chinese fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) business. To do this, the company has built a large cross border e-commerce (CBEC) nationwide network and employs a diverse team dedicated to their clients’ growth and success.

Our mission is to make the China market accessible for small to mid-size brands by offering solutions and strategies that will inspire, nurture, and cultivate success.


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