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In Platform Marketing

In Platform Marketing

China's E-commerce
Industry is Growing Rapidly

The influx of foreign brands has created a more sophisticated and competitive marketplace.
Once your e-commerce platform is setup, in platform marketing is the next crucial step to boost store rankings on Chinese search engines and increase conversions.

Baidu is to China

What Google is to the West.
It is the local go-to search engine accounting for over 70 percent of all searches conducted in China. Utilizing experienced local SEO writers to optimize your brand for Baidu search is an efficient way to have your brand rank higher and drive large traffic to your website.

China is a world leader in e-commerce with its dynamic online marketplaces.

The challenge remains though for brands to win the attention of the millions of Chinese consumers shopping online

Live streaming

Live streaming is a huge industry in China with big data technology. It has developed into a mature industry and is inextricably linked to e-commerce. Merging the two platforms enables real-time and in-person contact with potential users.

China has its own popular video platforms such as Youku, Tudou, IQiYi, Shohu, Tencent Video, and Douyin. International brands should note that localized platforms replace Western social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok.

Live streaming is an attractive real-time marketing strategy that addresses consumer concerns in-person, directly talking to their pain points.

One way to grow your brand popularity in China is to recruit the services of a KOL or key opinion leader.

KOLs are popular and influential public figures

with massive followings in the range of
tens of millions on the social media accounts.

Other people’s perceptions about a brand are important to Chinese consumers, and these are always considered before they make a purchase. The better ratings a brand earns, the greater its market share. A brand becomes even more appealing when it is endorsed by an A-List celebrity.

KOLs  are hired to share your company’s brand-specific articles, posters, and content on their social media accounts. Brand mentions by KOLs reach millions of potential customers almost immediately, creating unprecedented brand awareness and conversions.

In platform marketing services

offered by XpandAsia include:

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