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Logistics and Supply Chain

Logistics and Supply Chain

Our Logistics Services

XpandAsia provides logistics services and supply chain services to ensure your products arrive quickly, safely and in compliance with all local laws. In Addition, our warehousing services allow for safe storage with full inventory control and ecommerce order fulfillment. Our Logistics and supply chain services will support your overall China strategy ensuring your total solution is optimized for cost and efficiency.


XpandAsia offers warehouses around mainland China, including cross border and bonded warehouses. We will help you choose the right storage and import location to reduce cost and optimize distribution.

Ecommerce Order Fulfillment

Occasionally for new brands buyers request less than container load stock. XpandAsia offers a solution to insure cost savings and efficient delivery of your products.

FCL Full Container Load

XpandAsia provides door to door services for import into China of FCL by ocean freight. If your container is bound for a distributor in mainland china, a supermarket or a warehouse XpandAsia will facilitate the process.XpandAsia provides door-to-door services for the sea freight imports of full container loads (FCLs) into China. If your container is being delivered to a distributor in Mainland China, a supermarket, or a warehouse, XpandAsia will assist you.

LCL Less than container load

XpandAsia will facility delivery to a fully operation e-commerce warehouse that will sync with any of the major e-commerce platforms in China, including Taobao, Tmall, Xiaohongshu and more. New brands typically require less than a container load of inventory. Our LCL solutions help you save money and assure the timely delivery of your items.

Customs Clearance

As a licensed importer Xpand Asia can facilitate the entire customs clearance process at any major port in China. From wine, to cosmetics we will make sure your products enter China without any issues.

Chinese label

As part of CIQ China Inspection and guarantee regulations imported products should have their specifications labeled in Chinese. Xpand Asia will translate, design and adhere the labels to your products.

operational e-commerce warehouse

If your China strategy includes an online component, XpandAsia can arrange for delivery to a fully operational e-commerce warehouse that is compatible with all major Chinese digital platforms, including Taobao, Tmall, and Xiaohongshu.

XpandAsia’s e-commerce order fulfilment service includes complete inventory control and reporting.

warehouse services

XpandAsia offers logistics and supply chain management services to ensure that your products arrive quickly, safely, and in accordance with all applicable local legislation.

Our warehouse services include secure storage, inventory management, and e-commerce order fulfilment. Our logistics and supply chain services will assist you in developing a comprehensive China strategy, ensuring that your complete solution is cost-effective and efficient.

XpandAsia takes care of your logistics, including e-commerce, order fulfilment and distribution.


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