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Pinduoduo is another of China's e-commerce powerhouses

This fast-growing app in the Chinese online market is a leader in social e-commerce.
Its “Team purchase” model is what differentiates this pioneering platform as it integrates social components to deliver more savings to its 824 million plus users.By sharing Pinduoduo product details on social media platforms such as WeChat and QQ, users can invite their contacts to establish a shopping team to get a lower price on their purchase. The gratification of scoring a great deal has helped Pinduoduo to become a viral sensation in China.

The backbone of Pinduoduo is its technology

Leveraging its distributed AI (artificial intelligence) framework, they are constantly innovating to deliver a good user experience.
This can be seen in how Pinduoduo connected farmers and distributors with consumers directly, becoming one of the largest e-commerce platforms for agricultural goods in China. In 2019, nearly 600,000 merchants sold farm produce through Pinduoduo’s interactive shopping experience.Pinduoduo continues to evolve as a universal platform across China and is recognized for its dynamic approach to e-commerce as it couples the consumer’s shopping experience with incentives such as cash, coupons, the lottery, and free products.

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