South East Asia

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South East Asia

We’re excited to announce that Xpandasia is expanding its e-commerce accelerator program to six exciting new markets in Southeast Asia: Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. With a projected ecommerce market size of $172 billion by 2025 and a combined population of over 650 million people, these markets represent a huge opportunity for us to tap into the growing demand for online shopping and digital services.


Helping Businesses Succeed in the Digital Age

As a leading provider of e-commerce solutions, Xpandasia is committed to helping our clients succeed in the digital age. Our e-commerce accelerator program provides businesses with the tools and expertise they need to thrive in today’s competitive online marketplace. By expanding our program to these new markets, we’re making it easier than ever for your brand to enter Southeast Asia and most importantly to succeed. Your brand will have its very own flagship store on E Commerce leader Lazada’s marketplace. We will design, operate and optimize your store to ensure your brand is a success in South East Asia.

Xpandasia's Localized Approach for Client
Success in New Markets

To make our expansion into these markets as successful as possible, we’ve established a local presence in each country and assembled a team of experts with in-depth knowledge of the local business and regulatory environments. This ensures that we can provide our clients with the support they need to succeed in each market.

Our Partnership

We charge absolutely zero agency fees – we only get paid when your product sells. This means that we are fully committed to your brand’s success, and that we are truly invested in your growth.

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