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Website setup

Website setup

The Internet in China is growing at
a faster rate than the rest of the world

Making website hosting an important component of being active on China’s e-commerce market. By retaining a .CN website hosted within the Firewall, you can now capitalize on this massive growth.

XpandAsia is a trusted IT partner
that provides a seamless full-service

XpandAsia is a trusted IT partner that provides a seamless full-service

Route to market for multinational brands looking to expand their presence in China and Asia. We combine the best e-commerce skills with proven technology platforms to provide your customers with a memorable brand experience. Starting with a strategic roadmap, a tailored user interface (UI), and the right tools to maximize the client user experience (UX), this can be accomplished.

The customer
experience is paramount

For this reason, XpandAsia strives to provide their clients with an unreserved offering that combines technology and business acumen. We are driven to help our brands grow to provide clients with greater visibility and increased revenues through the use of world-class e-commerce platforms.

XpandAsia offers the full suite of design and IT services

Legal services

XpandAsia will be sure to fulfil local laws such as the Internet content provider (ICP) license which every website on a Chinese server is required to have by law.

When it comes to
online marketing

Your website is a critical component of the overall strategy. Our intricate knowledge of the Chinese and Asian market serves to remove barriers to entry and optimize your website for search engines by establishing a strategically visible business location at a localized domain level. Our objective is to get consumers to find you and engage with your business efficiently, while also minimizing downtime by ensuring your domain is secure inside the Firewall.
From ensuring that your website infrastructure is seen as a natural extension of your flagship website, to setting up and monitoring analytics, as well as following up with ongoing maintenance


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