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Website translation


Do you want to know

one of the secret ingredients

On how to properly position your brand's site on the Chinese Internet?

So many multinational corporations struggle to establish a successful market presence in China and Asia. However, XpandAsia has discovered a way to make it simple and effective for foreign brands to succeed on the Chinese Internet.

To be visible on
the Chinese Internet

It is necessary to recruit the services of a native speaker who is knowledgeable with both the Chinese language and the style and manner of keyword entry in order to accomplish this.

Website translation is
a key service

XpandAsia in addition to design and development

Our data-driven digital marketing toolkit is geared to optimize your brand’s content to ensure that it ranks highly on Chinese search engines such as Baidu which accounts for more than 70% of all searches conducted in China.

XpandAsia has teams of
skilled SEO writers

Who will optimize your brand for Baidu search as we see this route to market as an affordable way to boost your brand’s ranking and drive significant traffic to your website.

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