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JD Worldwide

JD Worldwide

Chinese market

JD Worldwide acts as a point of entry for international companies seeking to join the Chinese market.Chinese shoppers can safely purchase products and foreign brands from’s cross-border e-commerce platform and have them delivered locally. provides global shipping and warehousing solutions in conjunction with international logistics companies, ensuring that products from all over the world are delivered directly to the doorsteps of customers in China.

Foreign brands

Foreign brands can choose between an imported bonded warehouse, where they can store their goods in JD’s domestic bonded warehouse, or an overseas direct delivery service, where they can store their goods in JD’s international warehouses.

JD Worldwide, founded in April 2015, is a market leader in bringing high-quality imported products to the Chinese market. In 2016, it made its cross-border logistics service available to third-party merchants on its marketplace.

JD Worldwide’s sales have increased significantly year over year in categories such as imported pet items, cosmetic products, electronics, maternal and infant products, health care products, and fashion products.

E-commerce platform

JD Worldwide

is an e-commerce platform that houses storefronts or businesses for more than 20,000 brands from more than 100 countries and regions. There are more than ten million stock keeping units (SKUs).

Open To brands

JD Worldwide is open to brands, franchisees, retailers, and dealers who are legally registered outside of China who are interested in selling products created outside of China.

shop types

JD Worldwide offers four shop types: flagship stores, retail flagship stores, brand franchised stores, and retail franchised stores.


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