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Tmall Global

Tmall Global

Our cross border e-commerce service

allows you to launch your international store
on Tmall Global, without hassle.

Our team of experts are on hand to consult with you
and provide you with a one-stop-shop for your entire store setup.

Tmall Global is

an excellent

launch pad

Tmall Global Is An Excellent Launch Pad

For companies looking to test their products in the Chinese market.
While Tmall (also referred to as Tmall Classic) requires its merchants to have local Chinese entities and register is products with local authorities, Tmall Global is a preferred option for companies with corporate entities outside of China that want to sell imported products to domestic online consumers in China.

platform's requirements

When a company says to us that they want their brand to be on Tmall

Our first step is to go over the platform’s requirements with the brand in detail and ensure that they understand what it will take to be successful on the platform. It is advisable to begin with a fundamental understanding of what it takes to run a Tmall business and what goes into the operational side of things.
Clothing and fashion-related products continue to be the most popular categories on Tmall in terms of sales volume, however, categories such as baby products and cosmetics are experiencing rapid growth.
Understanding which categories perform well on Tmall is critical when deciding on which platform to position your brand.

XpandAsia Services for Tmall Global

Services Include:
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